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Personal Training

"Achieving your goals can be hard work and a long road to travel on your own."

Why choose personal training?

A personal trainer can provide you with:

How does it work?

All of our clients start with a free no obligation consultation. During the consultation your personal trainer will take you through a personal health check and discuss and set realistic targets for you to work towards (both exercise and nutritional).

After your free consultation you will be given a personally tailored report and lifestyle plan, consisting of:

Then the fun begins... Your personal trainer will be at your side, working with you, pushing you to achieve new levels.

Whether you want to increase your fitness levels, boost your strength, build muscle, train for your sport, lose weight, or just increase your well being and self esteem, your trainer will work with you in one of our gyms or in your home. Yes, with our own mobile equipment we will bring the gym to you!

Our services

Home training:

Gym training:

Outdoor training:

Fitness classes:

We offer many different type of fitness classes. Click on the links below to find out more about each class!

Other packages on offer

Corporate Package

All the evidence suggests that a healthy, fit workforce is more productive, takes less time off due to sickness, and is more committed to your business.

Working with companies similar to yours, I have developed a 30 minute "no sweat" fitness programme that you can offer to your staff once or twice a week. All that is required is a room or open space where those involved can take part in this unique programme designed to improve their posture, general health, and can be tailored to individual needs.

Sports Therapy Service

Do you suffer with back problems or repetitive strain injuries (RSI)?

Are you a person that can't have training delays?

Are you one of the millions who needlessly suffer chronic aches and pains to joints of the body?

You don't have to suffer!

Many conditions and injuries are treatable to relieve you from pain and discomfort.