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Fitness for Business

The "no-sweat" workout that is designed to create noticeable benefits in 4 weeks

Positive action to support your employees and develop an improved lifestyle can contribute to a more effective and successful business. Exercise increases the endorphin levels in the brain, which helps raise self-esteem, sharpens the mind, increases energy levels, and generally makes people feel more positive.

This special 30 minute, weekly programme has been designed to provide real benefits without the need for excessive sweating, sophisticated equipment, or special rooms. Everybody will benefit, from those already involved in a fitness programme or a weight loss programme to genuine couch potatoes!

It's been designed to fit into a lunch break and as an employer all you need to provide is a room with enough space for all participants (a meeting/conference room is ideal). You don't need showers (remember it's a no sweat workout!) and we provide all of the equipment.

Some employers pay for the session, others collect a contribution towards the cost, while others nominate a coordinator to collect fees from employees taking part.

Most participants see a real benefit within 4 weeks and those who take part in the programme twice a week benefit even more. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the group and the individuals taking part but above all its fun!

Benefits to the employer:

Benefits to employees

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